Heat & Fuse Fabric Bonding Material
Heat & Fuse Fabric Bonding Material
Heat & Fuse Fabric Bonding Material

Heat & Fuse Fabric Bonding Material

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Our very own heat and fuse extra strong adhesive that is used to permanetly fuse fabrics together.

Perfect for creating your own felt fabrics and double sided glitter fabirics.


To create a felt fused fabric you need a cotton fabric and our 100% wool felt this will create a luxury felt fused sheet.


To create a double sided glitter fabric you need a sheet of our glitter and a cotton fabric.


The combinations are endless.


Our heat and fuse is paper backed, once cut to size peel the paper backing away from the adhesive and place inbetween the two fabrics you want to fuse together. Cover with grease proof paper (this will protect the fabrics) iron with a temperture no higher then 70 degrees we use wool setting and iron for 5 seconds. Leave flat to cool for a few minutes before using. Bond is instant, if the two fabrics have not fused together your iron could be to hot or to cold.

It is 105cm wide aprox and is available in various lengths. It is cut from a roll so any multiple meters will be continuous. For large quanities over 5 meters please message for a wholesale price.


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